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Minnesota man is facing murder charges

On Behalf of | Jan 1, 2022 | Felonies

A woman from another state was reportedly visiting a man in Minnesota during July when a tragedy occurred. The woman died at the man’s residence. Events leading up to her death prompted police to arrest the man, who is now facing third-degree murder charges regarding the woman’s death.

The man was on probation when the incident took place

The man in question is a 37-year-old who was currently on probation for an impaired driving conviction. Police have accused the man of giving the 57-year-old woman who died a pill, which she took before she passed. Investigators have claimed that the pill contained fentanyl, an often lethal, synthetic drug that is known to be stronger than morphine.

Judge overseeing the case has offered two bail options

The judge in charge of this case has given the defendant two options for bail. The first option is a $300,000 bail with no contingencies. The second option, however, carries several conditions and is $150,000. The conditions include prohibiting contact with witnesses, remaining in Minnesota until the case is fully adjudicated, and not consuming alcohol or mind-altering drugs of any kind. The options were the judge’s response to the district attorney’s request for a $500,000 unconditional bail.

Decedent’s daughter says she was surprised by the criminal charges

The daughter of the woman who died expressed sorrow on behalf of her family. She also mentioned that she and her nine siblings know the man whose home her mother was visiting, stating that they had often gone there to celebrate holidays and other occasions. The woman’s daughter further stated that she was surprised to learn that the man was being charged with murder in connection with her mother’s death. As with any criminal case, the man is guaranteed an opportunity to refute the charges against him in court.