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Minnesota police make sexual assault arrest

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2022 | Felonies

The principal of a Minnesota school is now on administrative leave. He has been employed in that position for seven years. Several people have reportedly accused the man of sexual offenses. However, the case is unique because the offenses allegedly took place when the accused man was a juvenile.

The man was taken into police custody after he is said to have disregarded several of their attempts to contact him to discuss the situation. The people who have made allegations against the school principal claim that he sexually assaulted them when he was in junior high school and high school. At least two of the people say that they were several years younger than the accused man when the alleged incidents took place.

One person said her mother told her not to tell anyone

One of the alleged victims told investigators that she told her mother of the sex offenses when she was young but was instructed not to tell anyone else. The incidents supposedly occurred in the late 1990s through the early 2000s. The charges the school principal is facing are punishable by life in prison or up to $155, 000 in fines, under conviction.

The school district noted that it takes such allegations very seriously, which is why the principal has been placed on administrative leave at this time. The district also says it is fully cooperating with the police investigation. No matter how many years transpire between an alleged sexual offense and criminal charges, the person accused must be provided an opportunity to present a defense in court.