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Should I Talk to My Loved One in Jail?

by | Apr 6, 2023 | General Blogs

Jail can be a very lonely place for its inmates. Time moves slowly, and every second feels like an entire age. Something that can greatly help inmates pass the time and feel better is talking to their loved ones on the phone — but this can be dangerous if this one crucial rule is not observed.

Jail calls are recorded, and defendants, as well as their loved ones, are given this warning. Everything they say on the call can be used as evidence against them in their case. So it’s okay to talk about the weather or other family members, to be supportive of them, or to comfort them. But there is one topic of conversation that should be avoided.

What Not to Talk About With Your Loved One in Jail

Despite warnings that jail calls are recorded, inmates or their loved ones still have the tendency to discuss the facts of the case. They may reveal that they are guilty of the crime charged or even defend their innocence.

Regardless of the nature of the conversation, talking about the facts of the case should be avoided at all costs. Doing so may do more harm than good, even if the defendant is innocent in the first place.

Why It’s Important to Refrain Talking About This Topic

While a person accused of a crime is being held in custody, their case goes on. Throughout their time in jail, their lawyers, as well as the prosecution, receive evidence in the form of police reports and recordings. These are all read and listened to, including calls between the defendant and their friends or relatives.

When the topic of the conversation is about the facts of the case, this can be used by the prosecution against them during the trial. It can make it difficult for the defense lawyers to iron out any incriminating evidence, no matter how good the case is initially.

What To Say to Your Loved One in Jail

When a loved one in jail starts talking about their case, their relatives on the outside should stop them right away and remind them that their call is being recorded. It’s important to let them know that anything they say can cause irreparable damage and do more harm than good.

Instead, they can talk about other topics, such as how they are, how the rest of the family is, what they do to pass the time, etc.