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Facing charges for federal crimes in Minnesota?

May 22, 2023 | Felonies

The thought of spending five, 10 or even 20 years behind bars in a Minnesota prison is daunting. It’s a fact, however, that not every person who goes to prison is guilty of a crime. Police officers, judges and juries can make mistakes. Federal crimes typically carry harsher penalties than state-level offenses. To secure the most positive outcome possible if you’re facing federal charges, it’s best to seek legal support at the first opportunity.

In fact, you can request legal support before an arrest has taken place. If you’re aware that you are subject to a federal investigation, you may want to meet with an attorney right away rather than waiting to see if an arrest takes place. The more you know about your rights, the better able you might be to exercise them during an investigation. For instance, if federal investigators show up at your door, wanting to enter your home and look around, do you have to let them?

Should you strike a plea deal with federal authorities?

If you’ve been arrested in Minnesota and are facing charges for federal crimes, various federal officials will be speaking to you. At some point, they may ask you to cooperate in some way, perhaps by agreeing to a plea bargain to mitigate your circumstances. Sometimes, this is a good idea and may be of benefit to you. Other times, it’s a bad idea, which is why it’s always best to seek legal support rather than make decisions without guidance.

Criminal defense options may vary

The criminal defense strategy an accused individual might benefit from in one type of case may be of no use in another. By scheduling a meeting with Ryan Pacyga, Criminal Defense, in Minnesota, you can take the first step toward building a strong defense. There’s a lot at stake when you’ve been accused of federal crimes, but you can enlist experienced legal support to ensure that you receive a fair trial and the most positive outcome possible.