Law Office Of Ryan Pacyga Testimonials

I made a big mistake one night, had way too much to drink and found myself charged with felony assault. I didn't know where to turn. I heard Ryan on the radio. He sounded so professional and knowledgeable. I called his office and spoke to him, he put me at ease and long story short, and we were able to get it down to a misdemeanor. Ryan made the process so much less stressful for me and my family. Thank you Ryan. And Amber, his assistant was so wonderful. She always made me feel as if I were their only client, Thanks Amber!


My son was being investigated for rape (criminal sexual conduct). We called Ryan Pacyga right away and told him what we needed help with. Ryan was on the phone asap and started to help my son as soon as we got off the phone. Ryan stopped the police and the detective from going after him. Ryan met with us the next day and he got all of the information from my son on what went on. Ryan was very much up front on what could happen to him. Also, he did not hold anything back as for as what he can be charge with. He was honest and direct. It was scary for all of us. Ryan was there for us. If we called he answered and kept us up to date on things. Ryan used his private investigator to conduct an investigation into the allegations. Within 5 weeks Ryan called to tell us that it was over and that he convinced the detective not to charge my son with rape. Thank you very much Ryan and his group.


I was arrested this in Sept. 2010 for a fourth degree DWI, my first offense, and had no clue what to do. I read a lot of comments online saying that your first offense was no big deal and that you should just pay the fine and get it over with, but that was not an option for me seeing as my employment was directly related to my ability to drive for my company at the time. Had I just paid the fine and gotten it over with I would have lost thousands of dollars and a promotion I was supposed to get. So what did I do? I began looking through the piles of letters I was getting from what seemed like every small town lawyer that could afford the postage. I ended up settling with a friend's uncle who had been practicing law for a VERY long time.


Being well represented legally is one thing; having a compassionate and thoughtful attorney COMBINED with good representation is rare and hard to find — but that is exactly what you will get with Ryan Pacyga representing you — the total package.

My son (40 years old) has suffered from a long addiction with alcohol having been born with FAS and was recently picked up for DWI with a count of .22. Given the circumstances, we weren't seeking an attorney to get him off of the charges which wasn't going to happen given the evidence. We were seeking an attorney who could help our son deal with the downward spiral of his life. Ryan did just that.

John G.