DWI Defense Lawyers Representing Clients In Implied Consent Cases Throughout Minnesota

Many people are unaware that there are two sides to every Minnesota DWI or DUI case:

  1. The criminal case, handled by the criminal court system, can result in incarceration, probation and fines.
  2. The implied consent case, administered by the Department of Public Safety, involves your driving privileges and sanctions to your driving record.

When Winning Isn't Enough

Because of Minnesota's implied consent law, you can fight and win your criminal DWI case and still end up with a DWI on your record for the rest of your life. For example, an attorney may get your DWI charge reduced to careless driving in criminal court. However, a DWI will still appear on your driving record because you were originally arrested for DWI. Arrested MN attorneys protect your interests in all facets of your DWI case.

Comprehensive DWI Defense

At Arrested MN, we take a comprehensive approach to DWI defense.

  • We defend you against charges in criminal court.
  • We work to minimize administrative sanctions to your driver's license and driving record.
  • We help you address the non-legal issues in your life that may have led to your legal troubles.

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What Does "Implied Consent" Mean?

Minnesota law provides that anyone who operates a vehicle in the state gives implied consent to a test of his or her blood, breath or urine for the purpose of determining the presence of alcohol, a controlled substance or a hazardous substance. The Minnesota Supreme Court affirmed in 2015 that police officers do not need a search warrant to obtain a breath, blood or urine sample as long as the officer has probable cause to believe the person is driving while impaired (DWI).

How Can A Lawyer Help?

A skilled DWI defense lawyer will request an administrative hearing to challenge the automatic suspension of your driver's license and other administrative sanctions, such as vehicle forfeiture or so-called "whiskey plates."

Do Not Delay: Time Is Limited

Please contact Arrested MN as soon as possible after your DWI arrest. There is a limited time to request an administrative hearing in your implied consent case. Call 612.339.5844 today. Arrested MN attorneys represent clients in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and throughout Minnesota.