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Minnesota man is in jail after DWI arrest

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2023 | DWI

A 40-year-old man is preparing for criminal proceedings after being taken to police custody in Minnesota on a recent Monday. He was driving a vehicle involved in a single-car crash, and there were several occupants in his car at the time. The incident resulted in a DWI arrest.  

Two passengers in the man’s car were transported to a local hospital for medical care after the collision. While details were not provided regarding what may have caused the man’s car to roll, the driver apparently escaped inury in the crash. Several local departments were deployed to the scene to assist.  

Collision remains under investigation, man is suspected of DWI 

Police say they took the driver into custody because they believe that he was operating his motor vehicle under the influence of a controlled substance. Just because the police suspect something, however, does not make it so. In such cases, the evidence must be gathered, which may include chemical testing or laboratory testing of a substance.  

Navigating the criminal justice system  

Penalties for DWI in Minnesota can be severe, even on a first offense. Those accused of such crimes will want to build a strong criminal defense from the start. An experienced defense attorney can help do so, including recommending what type of plea to enter in court, whether to challenge evidence or, in some cases, request a case dismissal. If the individual’s rights were violated during the arrest, an attorney knows what to do to bring the matter to the court’s attention.