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State V. A.A.

County: Beltrami (2010)
Charges: 5TH Degree Domestic Assault (2 victims)
Trial Type: Jury Trial
Outcome: The State charged A.A. with 2 counts of domestic assault and alleged that there he assaulted 2 different people. A.A. is a Gulf War veteran and is active military. He faced losing his military career if he was convicted, since a domestic assault conviction prohibits you from owning or possessing a firearm or any ammunition. The State continued to demand that A.A. plead guilty to at least one of the domestic assault charges. A.A. originally had a different lawyer in the case. That lawyer told him to plead guilty since a witness claimed he saw A.A. commit the assault. A.A. hired Ryan Pacyga fired his lawyer and hired Ryan Pacyga. Ryan Pacyga fought the case, and the prosecutor DISMISSED the charges on the first day of trial. A.A. was able to keep his military career. See the video below: